Shapes Dance And Aerobic Wear did fraudulent charge

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I went here twice in Febraury 2009 and used credit card and bought a couple of things.So the store has my credit card number and my signature.

The day right after my second visit, someone from the store did the fraudulent charge to my credit card. I disputed it with my credit card company right after I found it. In June 2009, my credit card company mailed me the receipt of this fraudulent charge, along with the purcharge statement. On that receipt, someone faked my signature.

Here is the note from the store owner: "These are the credit card and registed receipt for the in question transaction. February was 3 moinths ago - I don't remember the particular transaction". She said she doesn't remember the particular transaction, but the receipt and the purchase statement were there. And the statement said I bought 3 Large T-shirt and 2 Large Tights.

I wear 0P size. There is no way I can wear Large.

In addition, my credit card company told me only this fraudulent charge was entered without swiping my physical credit card.I have filed a local police report against this store, and filed a complaint to Federal Trade Commission.

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